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Margaux A.O.C.
Local tradition tells that Louis XIV, surprised by the Count of Hargicourt’s sumptuous coat, enquired and received the following reply : « these are diamonds from my lands ». This anecdote was probably invented but it reminds us that the quartz from the Médoc gravel was cut and polished, and used at the time to fashion jewellery.
aoc margaux This is one of the most renowned vineyard names in the world. It deserves its fame thanks to a favourable microclimate within the Médoc region and thanks to one of the best terroirs in the Bordeaux region, a terroir comprising good gravel and a few limestone layers, broken by marl and sand.

Margaux wines show a great complexity and exceptional harmony, they are delicate and subtle, with aromatic finesse and great elegance.

They age exceptionally well.

Categories of Crus : 21 Crus Classés, 25 Crus Bourgeois, 38 Crus Artisans and other Crus

castle in margaux appellation

Area : 1,350 ha

Average yearly production :
7,600,000 bottles
Perfect accompaniments

A good match with many dishes provided
the latter are not too spicy or not too sweet.
They suit delicate flavours