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Wine dictionary
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V.D.Q.S. : Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (a classification one step above Vin du Pays)

V.D.N. : Vin doux Naturel (Naturally sweet wine)

Végétal (vegetal) : perfumes derived from green plants (box, fern), herbal plants (thyme, honeysuckle, fennel) or mushrooms. However a herbaceous wine is flawed

Velouté (velvety) : describes a fat creamy wine

Venaison (game) : this smell is reminiscent of game, especially when found in some old wines. This smell evaporates quickly

Véraison (veraison) : the period when the grape berries become translucent and start colouring (bright red or translucent yellow)

Verdeur (tartness) : feature of a wine too acid, too green (see "vert", below); you can minimize the tartness by serving the wine very cool

Vert (green) : a very young wine, made from unripe grapes

Vieux (old) : general assessment indicating that the wine is past its best

Vif (lively) : a wine dominated by an acid taste, but at an acceptable level, thus being fresh and light

Vin cuit ( literally cooked wine) : a wine obtained from heat-concentrated must

Vin de goutte (free-run wine) : obtained by gravity process (as opposed to pressed wine) when the vat is drained after fermentation
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