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Wine dictionary
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Tannin (or tanin) (tannin) : substance found in grape skin and pips. It is essential in the making of red wines, where the tannic element is the only one that evolves with time

Tannique (tannic) : describes a wine with a high level of tannins, an astringent substance produced by the barrel wood or the grapes stems. The astringency dries the mouth. Note that the tannins present in a red wine are a key factor in its ageing well

Tartre (tartar) : crystalline deposit caused by the precipitation of tartaric acid

Tartrique (acide) (tartaric, acid) : main fixed acidity in wine

Tonneau (tons) : traditional unit of measure, in the Bordeaux region, corresponding to four barrels, i.e. 900 litres or 1200 bottles (100 crates); there is no cask of that dimension, the unit is used for transaction purposes

Trie : word used in the feminine only to indicate the successive grape harvests carried out on grapes affected by the Noble Rot and used to produce liquoreux (very sweet) wines

Trouble (lacking clarity) : (a synonym of "louche"). The lack of clarity is normal during fermentation and during the ageing process, but quite abnormal once the wine is bottled

Tuilé : the reddish yellow colour evolved by red wines when ageing
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