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Wine dictionary
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Saignée (bleeding) : recovering the must prematurely during fermentation

Salmanazar (salmanazar) : bottle holding 9 litres

Sec (dry) : without great charm, not mellow. The EU regulations specify that a dry wine must contain less than 4 g of sugar per litre after fermentation. In a Champagne this means that it contains 2 to 4% liqueur d’expédition

Séveux (sappy, vigorous) : a concentrated wine from good stock; sometimes describes a wine rich in alcohol and aromas

Sirupeux (syrupy) : a very concentrated wine, more like a syrup, often lacking acidity. A quality when describing exceptional liquoreux wines, a flaw in other cases

Solide (firm) : a well-structured wine. Usually it needs to age

Souple (supple) : smooth and pleasant without being weak

Soutirage (racking) : transfer of a wine from one container to another to ventilate it and finally remove the lees

Soyeux (silky) : a wine with low acidity, flowing, harmonious and elegant

SR : on a Champagne label. Société de Récoltants (Producers Society). They make wine from their members ’ produce

Stress hydrique (stress caused by drought) : vine’s reaction to lack of water in the soil. This blocks the sugar concentration within the berries

Structuré (well-structured) : describes a robust and harmonious wine

Suave (smooth) : a wine that has a perfect balance, with a mellow sweetness and aromatic harmony

Sucrage (sweetening) : see chaptalisation

Sucre résiduel (residual sugar) : what sugar remains after the alcoholic fermentation, transforming sugar into alcohol
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