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Wine dictionary
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Rafle : all the stems, what is left when the berries have been removed

Rafle (goût de) : when the stems are left, and if they were not fully ripe, the wine might become somewhat astringent

Rancio : a Spanish word describing the perfume of walnuts, the roasting aroma developed by some wines after a long slow oxidation (yellow wines, sherry)

Râpeux (rough) : a wine with a very high level of tannins

Rêche (rough) : slightly less tannic than Râpeux , but still too much

Rège : in the Bordeaux region, a row of vines

RC : on a Champagne label. Récoltant-Coopérateur (producer -member of a cooperative) ; he sends his crop to the Co-operative, partly processed or ready to sell

Réhoboam (rehoboam) : bottle holding 4.5 litres

Révoluté : describes a vine leaf closing downwards. Sometimes only the edges curl in this way (opposite of involuté, see above)

Riche (rich) : full, powerfull, generous and well-balanced

RM : on a Champagne label. Récoltant-Manipulant (producer -handler); he processes only his own products on his own premises

Robe : appearance and colour of the wine

Round (round) : a supple well-balanced wine, slightly velvety, with enough alcohol content and just the right amount of acidity

Rôti (goût de) (roast, a taste of) : this word is only used to describe the liquoreux wines affected by the last stage of Noble Rot, called "rôti plein" (full roast). Aromas of confit
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