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Wine dictionary
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Odeur (smell) : perfumes perceived directly by the nose. Do not confuse with aromas perceived on the palate via the retro-nasal canal

Oenologie (oenology) : the study of wines, its vinification and its ageing

Oenographile (oenograph) : someone who collects wine labels

Oenophile (oenophile) : a connoisseur of wines

Olfaction (olfaction) : the sense of smell

Onctueux (creamy) : in a sweet wine, this indicates a level of sugar barely below that of a "moelleux" wine. As often as not, this describes a wine leaving a velvety and mellow feeling on the palate

Organoleptique (organoleptic) : relating to perception by a sensory organ (look, smell and taste)

Outillage (topping up) : topping up a vat or a barrel to compensate evaporation

Ovoïde (ovoid) : egg-shaped; it refers to grapes

Oxydé (oxidised) : describes a wine when its colour and range of aromas have been altered by too long an exposure to air. Tannins, added colourants and SO2 can be oxidised
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