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Wine dictionary
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MA : on a Champagne label. It indicates "Marque d’Acheteur" that is a buyer’s brand or a secondary brand (that of the retailer, co-operative, etc…). Not the Champagne producer’s

Macération carbonique (carbonic maceration) : first maceration, before the traditional fermentation, when the red grapes are still whole, not pressed, in a vat saturated with carbonic acid

Malolactique : see "fermentation malolactique"

Mâche (chewiness) : fat wine with lots of tannins. It gives a chewy feeling on the palate

Madérisé (Madeira-like) : describes an oxidized wine that takes the typical taste of Madeira. It also looses some of its luster

Magnum : a bottle containing 1.5 l

Maigre (thin) : a wine without much body, not mellow, even lacking substance

Marc (marc) : the skins and other remains from grapes after pressing. It can be distilled into spirit or brandy

Mathusalem (Methuselah) : a bottle holding 6 litres

Méchage : a process of burning sulphur inside the barrel or the vat

Mercaptan (goût de ) (a taste of mercaptan) : a sulphur compound causing a stink (sweat, garlic, rotten egg smell). Due to careless wine making

Mérithalle : the vine shoot has a stem that bulges in places and this bulge is called node; the interval ranging between two consecutive nodes is called an internode (entre-noeud) or a mérithalle

Merrain : split oak wood used in the making of barrels and casks

Millerandage : disease caused by inadequate pollination of the vine flowers, resulting in many tiny misshaped berries all too often seedless

Mince (thin) : a wine lacking in structure and character

Moelleux : in a sweet white wine, this indicates a residual sugar concentration slightly inferior to the concentration in a liquoreux (very sweet) wine. In dry and red wines, it indicates a fat and supple wine (with little acidity). The EU regulations specify that a moelleux wine must contain 12 to 45 g sugar per litre after fermentation

Moisi (mouldy) : a bad taste caused by badly maintained containers or mouldy corks

Mordant (bite) : with an excessive amount of acidity. However sometimes meant as a compliment

Mordoré (golden brown) : colour of a well aged wine

Moût (must) : grape juice before the start of alcoholic fermentation

Musc (musk) : referring to the animal smell

Muscaté (Muscat-like) : typical aroma of Muscat grapes

Muselet : wire hoods holding down sparkling wine corks

Musqué (musky) : heavy heady aroma reminiscent of musk

Mutage : stopping the alcoholic fermentation of the must in order to keep intact some of the sugar, usually by adding a neutral alcohol
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