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Wine dictionary
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Lactique (lactic) : acid obtained during the malolactic fermentation. Also aromas derived from dairy produce (fresh butter), found in Chardonnay in particular

Léger (light) : a wine without too much alcohol, light in colour and without tannin, but well balanced

Levure (goût de) (yeast, a taste of) : yeasts are fungi which cause alcoholic fermentation. The taste of yeast is acceptable in Champagne and Muscadet wines (both being left to age on the lees)

Lie (lees) : yellowish or reddish deposit at the bottom of the vat or of the barrel. This is removed by the grower at the time of raking

Limbe (limb) : distal part of the leaves, petals and sepals. Also the actual vine leaf

Limpide (clear) : light in colour and transparent, without any floating particles

Longueur en bouche (Length on palate) :the pleasant and lingering feel left by the wine on the palate after swallowing (see also "persistance")

Louche (cloudy) : unclear colour. This is normal during fermentation or the ageing process, but not so once the wine is bottled; then it means that the wine is affected by a microbic disease

Lourd (heavy) : indicates the richness of a wine, or more exactly its consistency. If too heavy it becomes sticky. Not enough acidity. This often describes a wine too rich in alcohol

Lumière (goût de ) (light, a taste of) : abnormal taste found in some wines, especially Champagne wines, exposed to daylight
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