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Wine dictionary
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Fade (tasteless) : a wine lacking in flavour, because its acidity level is too low

Faible (weak) : a general impression given by a wine lacking character, usually diluted; the word also applies to each of the separate components, for example a wine low in acidity

Fatigué (tired) : the wine has lost its qualities temporarily, usually during transport . Only one remedy, to let it rest

Féminin (feminine) : a light and gentle wine

Ferme (strong) : this describes both the intensity level of the acidity (a little higher than in a lively wine) and the tannic level (slightly less than in bitter wines); it designates a full-bodied vigorous wine

Fermé (closed) : during the transition period between primary fruit aromas and secondary aromas, the bouquet remains hidden, while only acidity, structure and tannins come through

Fermentation (fermentation) : the transformation of a substance through the agency of a ferment

Fermentation alcoolique (alcoholic fermentation) : through the addition of yeast, it transforms the sugars into alcohol, and changes the grape juice into wine

Fermentation malolactique (malolactic fermentation) : by means of bacteriacultures, the malic acid contained in the wine turns into lactic acid, thus rendering the wine more supple

Feuillette : a cask used in the Yonne department, holding 132 to 136 litres. Also used in Côte d’Or and in Saône et Loire ; but then holding 114 litres

Filtration (filtering) : wine clarifying process

Finale (finish) : lingering aftertaste

Floral (flowery) : a wine bouquet dominated by flower aromas such as acacia, hawthorne, paeony,rose or violet

Flou (hazy) : a cloudy wine. Sometimes it refers to indistinct aromas

Fondu (harmonious) : usually an aged wine where the various components, especially the tannins, are harmoniously blended

Foxé (foxy) : a musky aroma. Typical of certain hybrid grape varieties

Frais (fresh) : just the right level of pleasant acidity, which leaves a fresh feeling on the palate. Often used to indicate that the wine is young

Franc (honest) : indicates a pleasant wine without any flaws

Friand : wine with a pleasant level of acidity and fruitiness

Fruité (fruity) : tasting of fruit

Fumé (smoky) : reminiscent of smoked foods. It often describes some Sauvignon or Syrah wines
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