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Wine dictionary
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Ecoulage (draining) : at the end of fermentation, drawing the wine to obtain the "vin de goutte" or free-run wine; the remainder is pressed (pressed wine or residue wine)

Egrappage (stemming) : separating the berries from the stems before vinification

Elevage (ageing) : treatment of wine during the ageing process

Empyrematique : describes types of aromas : smoked (ash or soot), toasted, roasted (coffee, mocha, cocoa), burnt (rubber or tar)

Entre-noeud : see mérithalle

Enveloppé (plump) : a wine with a high alcohol content , silky and mellow

Epais : a wine full of colour, that leaves a heavy and cloying feeling in the mouth

Epanoui (ample) : a well-balanced wine, which has reached its maturity, its very best, in the bottle. It has an intense bouquet and complexity, while its tannins have fully blended

Epicé (spicy) : aroma of spices, even of herbs, pepper, clove, juniper, nutmeg, parsley, or chervil

Equilibre (balance) : in white wines, a balance between acidity on one side and alcohol and residual sugar on the other. In red wines, tannins are the third component, the only one that changes with time. Balance is of the essence when tasting

Etoffé : wine with a good concentration and structure, that will age well

Eventé (oxydised) : a wine that has lost its olfactory qualities through being exposed too long to the air

Excoriose (excoriosis) : cryptogamic disease of the vine, causing a whitening and cracking at the base of the shoots which consequently break easily in windy conditions

Extra-brut : describes a sparkling wine with less than 6 g per litre of residual sugar

Extraction : extracting the various aromas and tannins from the stems as well as from the berries

Extrait sec (dry extract) : all the solid components of a wine. After evaporation a litre of wine can contain 17 to 30 grammes of dry extract. The authenticity of a wine can be determined from the analysis of the dry extract
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