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Wine dictionary
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Dame Jeanne : a glass demijohn, often protected by a wicker or straw casing, with two handles for ease of carrying

Débourbage (racking) : a vinification stage just before fermentation, consisting of removing particles floating in the must, particles that could cause an unpleasant taste

Débourrement (budburst) : In spring, the first stage in the vine year

Décanter (to decant) : to transfer the wine from the bottle into a decanter to increase and expand the bouquet. A well-aired wine opens itself to the nose, its aromas develop, the fruitiness increases, the tannins become smoother.

Décavaillonnage : to draw the earth from the base of the vine (see cavaillon above)

Dégorgement (draining and clearing) : process of eliminating lees in sparkling wines (Champagne method) before final corking of the bottles

Délicat (delicate) : fine light wine

Demi-sec (medium-dry) : EU regulations specify that a medium-dry wine must , after fermentation, contain 4 to 12 g sugar per litre. For Champagne, this means between 4 and 6% of liqueur d’expédition (mostly sugar)

Dense (concentrated) : this can describe taste or smell

Dépouillé (thin or simple) : thin when referring to an old wine that has lost a lot of character. Simple when describing the quality of a wine without complexity

Déséquilibré (unbalanced) : the wine is dominated by one of its components. This might mean it is acid in the mouth or woody to the nose

Desséché (dried up) : a wine that has lost its fruitiness, its fat, that is too acid or too tannic

Détrartage (descaling) : removing the fur on the walls of the fermentation vats

Distingué ( classy) : an elegant wine with personality

Douceâtre (sickly sweet) : sweet but unbalanced mouth; usually not enough acidity

Doucereux : a light wine over sweet

Douelle : split or sawn oak board, one of many used to fashion a cask

Douilh or Douil : wooden container used to carry the harvested grapes

Doux (sweet) : EU regulations specify that a sweet wine must contain over 45 g sugar per litre after fermentation

Dur (harsh) : excessive amount of tannins and acidity. It can improve with time
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