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Wine dictionary
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Cachet (style) : general impression of an original and elegant wine

Capiteux (heady) : describes a rich wine, with the right amount of alcohol, well balanced, rounded, powerful and chaleureux (giving an impression of warmth)

Caractère (character) : general impression of an original wine with its own personality

Caséine (casein) : the main protein present in milk, used in the vinification of white wines, during "collage" (see below)

Caudalie : measuring unit of the duration of the aroma persistence in mouth after tasting. The higher it is, the greater the wine

Cavaillon : a stretch of soil along the base of the vines that cannot be cultivated by the plough

Cépage (grape variety) : In the appellation vineyards, grape varieties are seriously controlled. Bordeaux wines result from the blending of several varieties. In red wines : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cot (or Malbec), Petit Verdot and Carmenère. In white wines : Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc, Muscadelle, Colombard, Merlot blanc and Ugni blanc

Chai (wine storehouse) : premises where the barrels are stored, and where the vinification and storage of wine takes place

Chaleureux (warm) : a wine rich in alcohol, but not as potent as a capiteux (heady) wine

Chambré : wine brought to a temperature of 16°C before tasting. Do not confuse with the tasting room temperature which could be different.

Chapeau (hat) : solid part of the grape that forms a crust on the surface of the fermentation vat (skins, stems, pips, etc…)

Chaptalisation (chaptalisation) : an operation strictly controlled by the law ; addition of sugars to the must before fermentation; 1.700 kg of sugar per 100 litres of juice will add one degree in alcoholic strength

Charnu (fleshy) : describes a proper balance between tannins and the sweetness brought by the alcohol content

Charpenté (well-structured) : a well-balanced and harmonious wine, with a good tannic strength

Château : name used to designate a viticultural estate with the appropriate buildings for the production and ageing of wine. Also called : domaine, cru , clos (see below) …

Chlorose (chlorosis) : loss of the normal green coloration of the vine leaves due to too much alkalinity in the soil; it can kill the stocks

Clair (clear) : a clear wine without visible particles. In red wines can mean a lack of colour. In Champagne, it describes the wine before the appearance of bubbles

Clairet : produced after a short period of maceration, the light red wine is paler in colour, almost like a rosé. Two AOC bear that name, Bordeaux Clairet and Burgundy Clairet

Claret : name given to red Bordeaux wine by the English in the Middle Ages

Clavelin : a wide-based bottle of a capacity of 62 cl, used in some yellow Jura wines

Clone : a quantity of vine stocks, produced after much selection from one single original stock

Clos : a vineyard surrounded by walls

Complet (complete) : a perfectly balanced wine

CM : on a Champagne label. It indicates a Handling Co-operative, with its own premises, its own brand, and selling wines produced by its members.

Col (neck) : cylindrical upper part of the bottle. A way of counting the bottle sales : the number of "cols"

Collage (fining) : a method of wine clarification using finings, the best being whisked egg white added in the Bontemps (see above); this accelerates the process

Corps (avoir du corps) (body, full-bodied) : describes a wine that is well structured, plump, full and warm to the palate. This varies according to the alcohol and polyphenol content, andthe amount of dry extract

Corsé (vigorous) : describes a wine that has a strong character, good colour, and a pronounced flavour in the mouth

Coupage (blending) : describes the blending of wines from different origins. Do not confuse with "assemblage" (see above) where the origin is unique

Court (short) : a wine lacking finesse at the finish

Court noué : an infectious desease of the vines causing degeneracy, transmitted by Xiphinema index, a nematode living in the soil

Cryptogamique (cryptogamic) : refers to a plant disease caused by to microfungi such as mildew, oidium and excoriosis

Cuisse (avoir de la cuisse) : literally to have a thigh; a round full-bodied wine. The word is becoming old-fashioned

Cuvée (vintage) : Wine from a specific vat. As a rule the grower chooses one wine for its own character. It is usual to give a name to the vintage
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