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Wine dictionary
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Baie (berry) : grape grain or berry.

Bailhot : the grape harvester’s basket

Balisca : see Biturica

Balsamique (balsamic) : a category of smells (resin, incense, vanilla)

Balthazar (Balthazar) : a bottle holding 12 litres

Ban des vendanges : the celebration that marks the start of the grape harvest

Barrique (barrel) : in the Bordeaux region this holds 225 litres (equal to 300 bottles)

Bâtonnage (stirring) : process of stirring the wine in the barrels or the vats to increase the movement of lees.

Biodynamie (biodynamics) : not only an organic culture, without chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, but also a method that follows the natural rhythms of the earth, a cosmic approach of ground regeneration, and year long vine care

Biologie (biology) : biological vine growing is based on natural controls. No synthetic chemicals are allowed; during ploughing, only compost or manure is spread; only natural products are used; treatment against insects based on plant extracts, for example

Biturica : name given to the Balisca grape variety when first grown in the Roman times

Boisé (woody/ oaky) : with aromas of vanilla, cedar, caramel, toffee, toast …

Bonde (bung) : a truncated conical wooden block ( nowadays more and more frequently synthetic) that plugs the barrels upper opening

Bontemps : a wooden container used for "collage" (see below), this word gave its name to the Graves, Médoc and Sauternes fellowships

Botrytis Cinerea : a microfungus that causes the Noble Rot and dries up the berries

Bouche (mouthfeel / palate) : all sensations of taste initially, (attack), the middle palate and the finish or finale

Bouchonné (corky) : musty, mouldy cork taint, dominating the flavours making it undrinkable

Bouquet (bouquet) : a general term to describe the olfactory qualities of a wine. It is an amalgam of grape aroma, bouquet produced by the fermentation, and aromas developing during ageing

Bourru (unfiltered) : refers to an immature cloudy wine, just taken out of fermentation

Brut (brut / dry) : describes a sparkling wine with little or no residual sugar (less than 15 grammes per litre)
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